Things that Matter

A staggering 43 percent of Canadians don’t use their full allotment of vacation time, according to a survey commissioned by TD Canada Trust
Not only are working Canadians not taking the vacation time they’ve earned, they have little downtime to begin with compared to their global neighbours. A report by the Centre for Economic and Policy Research in Washington D.C. showed Canada was one of the “least generous” industrial countries when it comes to paid vacation.
Canada mandates at least 10 days of paid vacation and nine statutory holidays, which is a far cry from the 35 paid days off given in Austria and Portugal. Germany and Spain offer workers 34 paid days off per year, while in France and Italy, workers can take 31 days.
A good work-life balance is one in which you work to live, not live to work. We all need to work to pay the mortgage or the rent, put food on the table, and provide for our families. But when you are working so much that you don’t have time to spend it with the ones you love, what good is all that money and all those lost hours with your loved ones really worth? Sometimes we get so caught up in work that we forget about our lives and forget to prioritize what’s important. That’s normal. But you, and only you, are in charge of your work-life balance—not your boss.
In this corporate world attitude where there’s only room for super hero’s, Humanity is loosing out and once we fulfilled our life as marionettes we find our self put away and forgotten.
your life is being managed from the morning to nightfall through out most of the Day, the year, and Life- not by you.
I think it is time for Canada to realize there are benefits for Canadians to have a fair share of free time throughout the year to take care of family, to take care of your own mental and physical health, to recharge. I am sure it financially benefits any company, as workers end up using less sick time or call in on short notice… and overall, are more alert, mentally and physically fit to do what they like to do, their job. I think it is also time to treat People like People again, not Robots. But hang on,, even Robots have downtime, of course it is limited after all they are expensive and need to make money, and as they reach their useful end they get tossed out… sounds familiar?
Let us not be that, after all- if we don’t do it for us the people as a whole,
for whom and why do we do all of this at all?
We work to live, but need to work on Balancing it,
because it matters.

Unions make a difference both at work and in the quality of life you earn. We call that difference the union advantage. The labour movement was created by people standing […]