Political Action

Fight back #7

IAM Face-to-Face Member Survey

Who:  IAM Members across Canada

What:  Nine out of ten (89%) IAM members in every part of the country said that strong unions are a good thing for Canada. They also believe (91%) that members who receive the benefits of a union contract and get union protection should be required to pay dues (the Rand Formula).

69% of members said that unions should go beyond collective bargaining to be active in their communities. Even higher proportions said that unions need to be active in the following areas:

  • Pensions (80%)
  • Labour Law and Labour Standards (78%)
  • Health and Safety (75%)
  • Medicare (54%)

as well as other areas of public policy.

Why:  Unions are the strongest voices for Canadian workers and their families.   The IAM and other unions need to stand up against the power of corporate greed and its captive politicians.

When:  We need to continue to engage our members and their families now.  Canadian union members are facing the fight of their lives in provincial and federal elections over the next eighteen months.  Working people need to be informed, involved and active.